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Coping Skills services offered

Every day presents new challenges in your life, with some being much greater or longer-lasting than others. Based in Katy, Texas, Cari Lister LPC offers virtual counseling services where she teaches you emotion-based and problem-based coping skills to overcome hurdles and the emotions surrounding them. To schedule an appointment, call Cari’s office or book online today.

Coping Skills Q & A

What are coping skills?

Coping skills are strategies you can use to deal with difficulties in your life. You likely experience day-to-day challenges regardless of your age or what you do for work. Sometimes, those challenges are extra troublesome because of an underlying condition or some form of trauma in your past. 

As a licensed counselor, Cari specializes in evaluating your struggles and helping you develop healthy coping skills to overcome obstacles, both large and small. You can attend regular virtual visits with her to stay on track with your progress and update her on applying your coping skills in life. 

Who can benefit from coping skills?

Nearly anyone can benefit from learning and adopting coping skills that apply to their circumstances. Through evidence-based counseling, Cari offers coping skills that help you deal with specific mood disorders and other mental health conditions, as well as coping skills that benefit almost anyone. 

You might benefit from counseling to learn more coping skills if you experience:

  • Codependency and other unhealthy attachment styles
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Past trauma
  • Divorce

Of course, just as there are plenty of healthy coping strategies for conditions and circumstances like these, unhealthy responses only exacerbate your problems. Examples include substance abuse, excessive spending, and impulsivity. If you’ve fallen into the habit of coping skills like these, Cari can help you examine and replace them. 

What are some examples of coping skills I can learn?

There are two main categories of coping skills that improve your capability of dealing with everyday life. After going over your primary challenges and hurdles, Cari helps you learn skills from each category to help you tolerate stress. The two types are:

Problem-based coping

Problem-based coping skills focus on one specific issue in your life that’s causing you trouble. These skills can help you eliminate the cause or change your situation to ease the stress. 

Emotion-based coping

Emotion-based coping centers around your feelings. These strategies are best when you cannot change your situation or if you simply don’t want to. They help you manage your emotions in response to the challenge and care for your feelings. 

A few examples of healthy emotion-based coping skills are journaling, practicing mindfulness, engaging in your favorite hobbies, and self-care like bathing or cleaning your living space. 

To learn more about coping skills and how they apply to your life, schedule an appointment by calling Cari Lister LPC or booking online today.